Feeling any aches and pains lately?

Wishing you could feel more enjoyment & strength in your everyday activities, as well as protect yourself from injury?

“A half hour on the reformer with Anna saved my soul…and saved my buns!” -Toni Ann Rust

“I ‘ve been working out with Anna’s Pilates for several months. My new core strength amazes me. In the beginning I used the exercises to completely recover from surgery. Now I enjoy more hiking, biking, dancing, performing. My back has not bothered me since I started. I find one workout with Anna and one trip to the gym every week is the perfect amount of exercise.” Rich Rakowski

If you’ve been looking to get more fit & strong so you can enjoy life more, this is an amazingly effective way to go (and Anna even makes it fun, one client calls it “Laughilates”!)

Call 360-207-4JOY (4569) to book your first private session at an **introductory rate of only $30** for your first hour.


“…Just a few weeks in, I noticed my body structure changing. I stood up straighter, began to consciously engage my core muscles, and moved with more agility and grace. I believe the benefits of Pilates kicked in so quickly because of Anna’s keeping an eagle-eye on my form, her encouragement to get me to crank out those “three more you’ve got in you”, and her patient, yet expert teaching abilities. We also laughed quite often. Pilates well-taught is, well, life-changing!” -Molly Pearson

“I had studied Pilates for several years before stopping a few years ago. Anna has made it easy and enjoyable for me to resume Pilates work. Her positive energy infuses every class and her consistent patience and encouragement inspire me to continue and improve. I appreciate her willingness and ability to personalize the work to fit my needs; I am a senior and wondered if I could do the work. I am already seeing improvement in my strength, muscle tone, and balance. Anna is a pleasure to work with !” –Barbara Sheffield

Anna Hansen loves movement. She wants everyone to have the enjoyment and freedom of expressing themselves fully in and with their bodies. Through Pilates, Anna offers a gentle, mindful, challenging and happy workout experience. You will build balance and dynamic strength to support your body in all the activities you love -such as biking, golfing, dancing, skiing, hiking and playing with those you love. Anna has a BFA in Dance, has danced professionally, and has her training with Body Arts & Science Pilates. She also teaches Zumba!


Introductory Private Session
A one hour private session designed to introduce you to the basic principles of Pilates and get you moving on the Pilates equipment ~ $30

Regularly Private Session
A one on one training session using the Pilates equipment, tailored to your specific goals and needs. Experience a complete mind/body workout as you perform the repertoire on the Reformer/Tower, Chair, Arc, and small props ~ $40

Private Session Month Package of 4
Experience the benefits of regular sessions on the equipment and enjoy a discount. Purchased sessions have no expiration date ~ $190


Pilates is typically known as a core & abdominal workout, but it’s really much more than that. Using Anna’s equipment & techniques, Pilates targets the entire body and balances out your muscular system helping you to be stronger, taller, more flexible and to feel more enjoyment (and less pain!) during your everyday activities. (To learn more about Pilates, and specifically the BASI school Anna was trained in, check out this video here.)